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Lecture: The European "Bilderverbot": Jews, Muslims and the Prohibition that Never Was

Do, 12.05.2022, 19–20:15 Uhr
Museum Rietberg

On the occasion of the special exhibition «In the Name of the Image»

Although neither tradition has a central “image prohibition”, the claim of one has periodically served to alienate Judaism and Islam from European norms considered modern and secular. In light of the Protestant aversion to images in sixteenth century Europe, this lecture investigates the connotations of “image prohibition” as attributed to Judaism and Islam since the eighteenth century.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Wendy M.K. Shaw
Language: English
Durationapprox. 60 minutes
Venue: Park-Villa Rieter, Vortragssaal/Auditorium
Door opening: 30 minutes before the event starts 
Space limited


Museum Rietberg

Gablerstrasse 15
8002 Zürich
Bibliothek: Gablerstrasse 14

+41 44 415 31 31

Tram 7: Museum Rietberg / Bus 72: Hügelstrasse

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Do, 12.05.2022, 19–20:15 Uhr


CHF 10/ CHF 5 für Rietberg-Gesellschaft, AHV und Studierende

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