Zurich’s network of trams has experienced an eventful history since the first horse-pulled tramcar rolled through its city streets in 1882. The stars of this family-friendly exhibition are the fifteen-plus historic trams that were in use between 1897 and 1968. They illustrate the development of the Zurich tram and tell the fascinating story of its everyday life.
A destination for the whole family
Climb into the historical cars, see a tram from underneath and be the driver of the children’s tram, “Cobralino.” Here, at the Tram Museum, children are in the driver’s seat. Adults can learn about the fascinating origins of the tram and about Zurich’s urban development.
Museum Line 21 – historic tram ride
The Museum Line 21 offers sightseeing tours in historic trams. Drivers and personnel are dressed in historic uniforms.

Zurich Tram Museum

Forchstrasse 260
8008 Zürich

+41 33 380 21 62

Tram 11: Burgwies

Photography allowed

Opening Times

Monday: 13–18
Wednesday: 13–18
Saturday: 13–18
Sunday: 13–18


CHF 12/8*

Children (6-16 years): CHF 6
Youth (16-18 years): CHF 8


Free admission for children up to the age of 6

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