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Trees in the City

Until Sun, 22/08/2021
Stadtgärtnerei – Zentrum für Pflanzen und Bildung
Ausstellung "Bäume in der Stadt"

About 110,000 trees characterize the cityscape of Zurich. Can we even imagine Zurich without them? The green in the urban gray determines our well-being. Trees filter fine dust, produce oxygen and noticeably cool the city climate. Old trees in particular are habitats for countless animal species such as birds, butterflies and beetles. Trees are also contemporary witnesses and cultural assets. They remind us of historical events and the development of the city, and they inspire us.

But Zurich is growing, both inwardly and outwardly. New residential and office buildings, road renovations or bicycle paths cut into the trees' habitat. Adverse roadside conditions, vandalism and pipeline construction, increasing periods of heat, drought, storms and pests all take their toll on them. As a result, many trees are weakened and become a safety hazard.

The exhibition presents ten typical urban trees. Their special features and significance are representative of all other green space, street and backyard trees. At the same time, the exhibition raises the question of the future of urban trees and thus of our quality of life.

Stadtgärtnerei – Zentrum für Pflanzen und Bildung

Sackzelg 25-27
8047 Zürich

+41 44 415 78 20

Tram 3, Bus 33/83/89: Hubertus
Bus 67: Langgrütstrasse

Opening Times

Monday: 09–16:30
Wednesday: 09–16:30
Thursday: 09–16:30
Friday: 09–16:30
Saturday: 09–16:30
Sunday: 09–16:30

Until Sun, 22/08/2021

Exhibition opening times: MO- FR 9.00 - 16.30, SA & SO 9.00 - 12.30 


Free entry

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