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Continuity/Transpassing – making histories together in more-than-human worlds

Until Sun, 06/06/2021

This Protozone is an invitation to linger and nest, to dwell and exist. The space is being inhabited by different artistic positions. Different but not separate – in difference and yet not to be separated from each other. Over years and in continuity, the practices and processes of the invited artists have been in close contact with more-than-human forms of existence. Spectres, rocks, water, algorithms, slime mold, swarms, plants, AI, quantum leaps and Alteridentities. These contacts generate a state of transpassing. With it come shifts, variations, mutations. 

The more-than-human points to all that doesn’t separate «us humans» from other modes of existence, from one another. The components of their bones are implied in the rocks and minerals of the planet, contained, present and recovered in them.

Within Continuity/Transpassing some of the things practiced by humans exclusively fall into the background. One of these things is time. As an efficient and human-made instrument, it serves the division and valorization of life and world. It binds us as con-temporaries and measures intervals of pleasure, studies, work. These classifications, administered with and as violence, put «the human» as an exclusive form of existence into the limelight of world events.

What if time was a tool instead? Unlike instruments, tools generally don’t know about prescribed purposes and designated use. The coupling of hand, tool and situation determines how and for what a tool will be used. Possibly even more so when there are no hands at work, but claws, clouds of mist or spores. A more-than-human lens allows time to become a tool. 

Closely related to time is the notion of history. Time as  a  regulative  instrument decides upon which futures, presents and pasts will have made history. Within the more-than-human, history exists in its plural form and as histories/herstories/theirstories* only.

We as visitors of Shedhalle are implicated in the processes of the protozone and become part of their histories. We say farewell to occupying worldly events from center stage and keep in mind questions about what may be meant by «humans». This will not be figured out by reason solely. We sense how we always exist implicated, entangled, interwoven. Softly we hear what horizons unfold by this. The hereby mutated temporalities seize us whenever we enter. We are at the end of «our time».

 «Anyone, everyone, who happen to come across, walk by is welcome to stop by this place, remember or just try not to forget the current and past violence and violations that renders this global health crisis deadlier to some rather than others.»

Denise Ferreira da Silva: Elemental Study Room


Seestrasse 395
8038 Zürich

Tram 7: Post Wollishofen
Bus 161/165: Rote Fabrik
S8/S24: Bhf Wollishofen

Opening Times

Saturday: 14–20
Sunday: 14–18

Until Sun, 06/06/2021

Opening Hours:

9. April: 18:00 - 21:00

10. April: 14:00 - 21:00

11. April: 14:00 - 18:00

Further Opening Hours until June 6: Every Sat 14:00 - 20:00 and every Sun 14:00 - 18:00.


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