Architecture Icons Revisited

Until Sun, 27/11/2022
Pavillon Le Corbusier
Nord- und Ostfassade der Kapelle, Notre-Dame-du-Haut, Ronchamp, Frankreich, 2021, Foto: Lea Meienberg
Innenansicht mit Tisch und verspiegelten Fensterläden, Le Cabanon, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Frankreich, 2021, Foto: Seraina Wirz

Architect and artist Le Corbusier’s buildings are numbered among the icons of architecture history. Many of the numerous existing illustrations and photographs of these buildings date from the time they were built. But how does the medium of photography encounter Le Corbusier’s built work today? Especially for the new exhibition in the Pavillon Le Corbusier seven contemporary photographers visited seven selected buildings. Their subjective photo portraits are augmented by architecture models of uniform scale and material. On a journey through France and Switzerland the show invites the public to discover Le Corbusier’s architecture from new perspectives.

Pavillon Le Corbusier

Höschgasse 8
8008 Zürich

+41 43 446 44 68

Tram 2/4, Bus 33: Höschgasse

Partly wheelchair accessible

Opening Times

Tuesday: 12–18
Wednesday: 12–18
Thursday: 12–20
Friday: 12–18
Saturday: 12–18
Sunday: 12–18

Until Sun, 27/11/2022

The exhibition pavilion is only open during the summer months.

Season 2023 starts at April, 21

Special opening hours/holidays


Adult CHF 10/8*


Free admissionn for children up to the age of 16 and members

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