Until Sun, 24/10/2021
Museum Rietberg

The Deccan Plateau, an extensive region south of the Ganges Plain, was not only home to a number of significant power centres such as Bijapur, Golkonda, Aurangabad, and Hyderabad, but also one of the most varied and richest regions in Indian painting. The area’s great cultural diversity and an intricate network of national and international political links gave rise to a highly creative art tradition, merging elements and motifs from northern Indian painting, techniques informed by Mughal art, and inspirations from Persia into new stylistic forms which, in turn, radiated out across India. In its role as an artistic relay station, the Deccan is not always easy to grasp in terms of style but offers the eye a staggering array of originality and innovation.

Now, for the first time, the Museum Rietberg is showing its treasures from the Deccan in a special exhibition at the Park Villa Rieter.

Museum Rietberg

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Until Sun, 24/10/2021

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Special exhibitions «Love, Fight, Feast– The World of Japanese Narrative Art» und «Manga– Reading the Flow» incl. collection
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