gta exhibitions has been part of the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at the ETH Zurich since 1975. The exhibition area is thus at the center of a university with international appeal and reaches future generations of architects directly at the place of their education.

gta exhibitions present the research and education of the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich as well as current architectural discourses. The projects are developed in close collaboration with renowned professors, students, architects and artists. These experimental explorations of architectural themes generate broad interest and stimulate discussion. Our program thus creates connections between education and architectural production.


gta Ausstellungen ETH Zürich

ETH Zürich, gta Ausstellungen, HIL C 75, Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
8093 Zürich

+41 (0) 44 633 29 18

Bus 69 und 80 bis «ETH Hönggerberg»

Opening Times

Monday: 10–18
Tuesday: 10–18
Wednesday: 10–18
Thursday: 10–18
Friday: 10–18


Free admission

Interesting experiences

  • Last Days

    Shadow Theatre

    Museum Rietberg
  • War and Peace

    Zentralbibliothek Zürich
  • Exhibition Opening/Closing

    Pati Hill: Something other than either

    Kunsthalle Zürich
  • Varlin. Vom Verschwinden der anspruchslosen Orte

    Atelier Righini-Fries