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Waves – Dive in!

Until Sun, 05/03/2023
focusTerra - ETH Zurich
Illustration: Oculus Illustration

Constantly and everywhere, we are surrounded by waves – even if we can only perceive some of them: water waves, sound waves, earthquake waves, light. However, waves are not only omnipresent in our lives, but are used for a wide variety of applications – in medicine, for communication, when looking into Earth or in navigation.

With large-format, colourful illustrations and many hands-on exhibits, the exhibition invites you to playfully discover the relevance, beauty and power of waves with all your senses.

Listen to the waves, feel their energy and experiment with them: let earthquake waves dance in our fountain, listen like a dolphin and measure the radiation of your mobile phone.

Find out how very different applications make use of the same wave properties. For example, measuring the thickness of a glacier and the ultrasound examination of an unborn baby have much more in common than is apparent at first glance. And the way we use our ears to determine where a sound is coming from is similar to determining a location using GPS.

Let yourself be carried away and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of waves – in nature, art, everyday life and research.

Further information

Please bring your own headphones, if possible.The contents of the exhibition are available online as well as in an illustrated book in German and English.
A rich framework programme accompanies the exhibition with workshops, guided tours, public talks and much more.

focusTerra - ETH Zurich

Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich

+41 44 632 62 81

Tram 6/9/10: ETH/Universitätsspital

Photography allowed

Opening Times

Monday: 09–17
Tuesday: 09–17
Wednesday: 09–17
Thursday: 09–17
Friday: 09–17
Sunday: 10–16

Until Sun, 05/03/2023

Closed on public holidays. For details see website


Free admission

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