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Permanent exhibition focusTerra

Permanent Exhibition
focusTerra - ETH Zurich

What makes the Earth tremble, why do volcanoes erupt and how do mountains form? Where do gems come from, what do fossils tell us about the origin of life and how was the climate like in the past? The permanent exhibition of focusTerra let you discover the wonders of our planet.

focusTerra - ETH Zurich

Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich

+41 44 632 62 81

Tram 6/9/10: ETH/Universitätsspital

Photography allowed

Opening Times

Monday: 09–17
Tuesday: 09–17
Wednesday: 09–17
Thursday: 09–17
Friday: 09–17

Permanent Exhibition

Opened again from 7 June 2021!

Closed on public holidays. For details see website


Free admission

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