The Chinese Garden is a gift from the Chinese sister-city of Kunming to the people of Zurich. It was opened in 1994 and is now operated by Grün Stadt Zürich. It belongs to the group of temple gardens and is considered one of the most impressive Chinese gardens outside of China.

The garden is an intense examination of one of the main themes of Chinese culture, the “Three Friends of Winter”: pine, bamboo, and the winter plum tree, all of which are resistant to the cold season. The inscriptions and paintings indicate the unique culture of Yunnan, where diverse influences of various ethnic minorities blend with traditional Han culture.

The structural design of the garden is based on three important principles:
- Arrangement of structural objects (buildings, artificial lakes, and rock formations)
- Room layout (floor plan and walls)
- Movement through the garden (paths and passages).

In accordance with Chinese geomancy, which identifies ideal places in space and landscape, the Zurich China Garden is perfectly situated between Zürichberg and the lake.

Further information

Chinagarden Zurich

Bellerivestrasse 138
8008 Zürich

+41 44 380 31 51

Tram 2/4, Bus 33: Höschgasse
Bus 912/916: Chinagarten

The Chinese garden is partially wheelchair accessible. Please report to the reception at the entrance. The staff will be happy to assist you.

Opening Times

Monday: 11–17
Tuesday: 11–17
Wednesday: 11–17
Thursday: 11–17
Friday: 11–17
Saturday: 11–17
Sunday: 11–17

May-October: Daily 11am-7pm
November-April: Daily 11am-5pm

Further information see here: Chinagarten - Stadt Zürich (



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